Thursday, April 7, 2016

March Madness

So March 2016 has come and gone ... duh.

It is a little strange that I decided to start writing here again and in the same month many things seemed to happen ... or maybe I started writing again because I realized so many things were happening ... I don't know.

One of the disappointments of this March was an issue with my work.

In 2015 I concentrated on bettering my attendance.

The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 I had very poor attendance ... the again, they discovered a mass in my chest and it had to be removed.  All the appointments before and after surgery as well as the recovery time had me miss more work in that short period than I had in the previous 20+ years combined.

The end of 2013 my mom had back surgery.  This did not cause a lot of absences, but it did cause many scheduling issues as I tried to help with some of the issues like getting her to the doctor.  I did not do nearly as much as others, but I tried.  2014 brought a series of migraines similar to what I have recently had.  The migraines were not as intense as they are now, but I had several clusters of them between July 2014 and November 2014.

2015 I did great.  I was off a week after my knee surgery and 3 weeks after my lipoma surgery ... other than that I on;y missed 2 other days.

March 2016 I missed 8 days due to migraine symptoms.

So much for good attendance.

In mid March I was driving the bus back from my last school.  I saw a young white dog running along the sidewalk and a gentleman about 300 feet away.  I took my foot off the throttle as soon as I saw the puppy ... I hit my brakes before the thing ever ran toward the street.

The thud.

The yelping.

The noises that play over and over in my head as I try to figure out what I could have done differently.  I hyper-analyze everything I did.  I am a trainer.  I should not have been caught in that situation, but I was.

If I had a driver sitting in my office after something like this happening I would tell them to not beat themselves up.  I would ensure them they did everything they could.  I would show them the GPS report so they could see their speed and how quickly everything actually happened.

Less than 10 seconds ... I was driving 22.6 mph in a 30 zone.  From the top speed to a complete stop in less than 10 seconds.  It was possibly faster, but our GPS doesn't record information constantly ... just every 10 seconds.

The dog did run off.  The owner of the dog told me the dog was fine.  Somehow this doesn't make me feel any better.

That was the day before Pam and I celebrated our 29th anniversary.

I cannot imagine life without her.  She is truly my soulmate.  We spent a part of the day in a quiet room with one bed ... well, it was our doctor's office because I was having more migraine symptoms.  Luckily we had celebrated out anniversary a week early when we had a late lunch with our son and our niece.

The people at Olive Garden made our day very special.  They gave us desert and wrote a special message on it.

The month came to a close with me talking to my doctor about my MRI results.  The radiologist who read the images noted some anomalies, but no tumors or cancer or anything else immediately dangerous.

The problem is I read the report online 2 days before I saw the doctor.  That is a lot of time to speculate and worry about what these readings may mean ... and the internet doesn't help.  It turns out that just about every disorder you can think of can appear as the same reading on a brain MRI.

What did the doctor say?  The MRI reading shows that I am likely prone to migraines.

Did I really need to be squished into a tube to tell me I'm prone to migraines?

He did say that he consulted a neurologist and the other unusual readings are likely nothing to worry about.  So I do have a brain, it's just a little different ... that makes me feel good.

In a brief moment of insanity ... or, after doing some research and talking to other people who suffer migraines, I decided to get a daith piercing.  It was a little interesting ... there wasn't much pain, but the noise in my ear was a little disturbing.  I will see if this works ... I will hope it works