Saturday, July 25, 2015

The 2 month gap

After my last entry I had a couple comment to me that they worried a bit because it had been nearly 2 months since my previous post.

Nothing really exciting happened during that time, but that usually doesn't stop me from writing.

Well ... many things happened, but nothing that would top my list of "Wow, that was cool."

In the school bus industry the summer tends to be busy for the training department.  We don't get this wonderful summer break that so many ask me about.  I actually kind of like it because there are fewer routes and more time to get things done ... in theory.

Summer is also a time that the company plans some of the training for the supervisors.  This year we had a large group of training supervisors and instructors gathered in San Bernardino, Ca.

If you don't know where this is ... well ...

I don't like the area personally.  It is way too hot in the summer and the air needs to be chewed  before inhaling.  The heat is just so physically and mentally draining.  It makes me feel like I am running in slow motion on the last few moments before my battery just dies.  As an added bonus, this was my first trip there needing to wear a bra ... I'll just say it was an entirely different experience ... a new level of hot and sweaty that I could live without feeling again.

But the training was enjoyable.

California tends to be scoffed at by other states because we require so much training for our school bus drivers, and because we do things other states do not do.

For the first time ... literally, the first time since I became a trainer in 1995 a person from outside of California complimented our training and trainers.  That moment made my day.

There was one issue that came up during the trip.

When I woke up Tuesday morning (the second day of training, and after the first night at the hotel) I could not move.

I have never experienced this to this degree.  I was freaking out a bit.

My back hurt so bad that I couldn't move.  My arms could move, but any attempt to move my torso or legs was excrutiating.  The pain was so intense in my lower back the thought of walking to the bathroom seemed impossible.  When I did make it to my feet I realized that the pain was radiating into my right hip.

Five steps to the computer chair was my limit.

After resting in the chair I made the thirteen steps to the bathroom.  Sitting on the toilet and stepping into the shower bath would prove to be a totally different adventure.

I eventually made it to training, but I was very sore ... very sore every day of training ... very sore every day since.

Pam called the doctor after I got back home.

After an x-ray my doctor told me the issue ... I have arthritis and degenerating discs in my entire lumbar region.  These issues are causing pressure on my sciatic nerve.

Well, crap.

So what now?

Luckily the pain is not radiating all the way down my leg ... just to the hip.  This is apparently a good sign ... but it doesn't answer what I'm going to do for my back

How about this ... lose weight.  If I lose weight and strengthen my core while stretching my muscles I will likely get relief from the pain.

If for some reason losing weight doesn't bring relief there are further options starting with epidural injections.

Let's hope the weight loss helps.  If options one an two don't work the option three may be surgery.

Maybe this time I will actually lose weight and get back in shape.