Sunday, April 26, 2015

RIP my precious fur-babies

This is quickly written with no specific point to it ...
Loki and Thor

Yesterday I came home to find my Loki Kitty feeling ill.  It was so clearly not him ... lethargic, whimpering and not wanting to move.  He could move, but clearly was not comfortable moving around.

Loki and his sister Thor  adopted us about three years ago when their mother, Midnight left them in out yard so she could go have another litter.

Spunky, Spooky, Shadow, Patches
Midnight is another kitty that adopted us a couple years before, but was never quite as comfortable as her children.  As a totally feral cat it was unusual for her to allow humans to get near her or her babies, but she did allow me to pet her, and even climbed into my lap if I was sitting outside.

Midnight had several litters of kittens, but not all of them came to our house ... in fact only 2 litters were near our house longer than a quick snack.

she was so cute
Two years ago was the group that included Spunky, Shadow, Spooky and Patches.  This group grew up in our yard, but only Spunky and Shadow trusted us enough to come in and be playful.

So why am I rehashing this history?

I don't know ... or maybe I do and I'm finally connecting the dots.

Red - Adopted us in 1999.  Her family moved from our apartment complex and left her behind.  She chose to come to our home of the dozens that were in the same area

Moose and
Little One
Moose - Adopted us in 2000.  A litter of kittens were abandoned in our bus yard.  Moose stayed by my side all day, so I took him home.

Little One - Adopted us in 2002.  She appeared on our patio emaciated.  We fed her and she chose to stay with us.

Smokey, Simba (and a lot of others) - Appeared in 2005 with our new neighbors.  The neighbors moved and left the cats and their kittens abandoned.

My favorite photo of
Smokey ... being defiant
... like a cat
Yetti and eventually Mr. Meowgi and Prissy were cats that were either abandoned or feral by nature, but either way were not being cared for.

I do not understand how people can be so heartless.  I cannot comprehend how somebody can leave a creature to "fend for itself" after they have been domesticated.  I cannot understand the mentality that says "it's just an animal so it doesn't matter if it dies."

It matters ...

They matter ...

They have feelings and deserve to be treated better than so many people treat them.  Those who abuse animals, who are cruel to them or mistreat them sicken me.

Knowing that all these kitties were abandoned in one way or another breaks my heart.  Knowing they trust me enough to care for them ... having them bond with me is very fulfilling.  Not everyone can say that a completely feral cat trusted them enough to climb on their lap and wanted to be petted ... most people cannot say that a cat that was left to fend for herself and did not want to be within 20 feet of people climbs onto them every evening to be brushed.

Red died a few years ago.

Mr Meowgi
Midnight and three of the kittens disappeared on the same day 18 months ago ... I hope this does not mean that some hateful person took them, or did something cruel to them.

Shadow and Smokey both died less than a year ago.

Yesterday Loki died.

I cannot describe the level of hurt I feel ... I cannot describe how empty I am.  The other cats are acting very sad.  Thor is not her usual self ... she keeps looking outside like she expects to see her brother waiting to want in.

Having the other cats does not make the deep ache any different ... we are consoling each other as we mourn our losses.

I do not plan on adopting any more cats, but if another feral or abandoned cat walks into my life I will not ignore it and let it suffer.  I cannot be that inhuman.

RIP Loki - I miss you