Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Desperately seeking attention

No, not me ... not really.

Well ...

I don't think this is as much about going out of my way to get attention like my kitty Little One does.

She definitely let's everyone know what she wants ... even when she's doing things she knows are at least irritating, if not totally against the rules.

It strikes me as funny when people assume a person is doing something just for attention.

Anyone who falls out of societal norms are often thought to be attention seekers ...

Different hair colors or styles ...

Atypical fashion or clothing ...

Listening to different music ...

Their diet, friends, who they date, where they hang out ...


Is it possible that some kids who act "normal" are doing so to get attention?  Can it be that they would like to be that different person but prefer the attention they get for fitting in?

"Bruce Jenner is just transitioning to get attention!" ... "He's just trying to boost the ratings of that show he's on."


She must have been insanely intelligent ... I mean ... as a kid.

To be able to plan out a life where she won the Olympics in amazing fashion becoming one of the most recognizable sports figure of her day, to stay in the public eye on speaking venues would all have been done for her need for attention

Then, in the 1980s she knew that she'd be on a reality television show and began taking hormones to boost the ratings of a show that never would have even been considered possible ... especially because the people on the show weren't even famous, and possibly not even born yet.

Sounds like the most logical timeline to me **Rolls Eyes**

Maybe ... just maybe she would have transitioned despite the show ... despite the Olympics ... maybe earlier in life ... maybe in private and without the media scrutiny and torment.  Doing the interview took a lot of courage ... it was a necessary step to try and lessen the daily invasion into her life.

She deserves at least a little respect.

I can assure you that nobody chooses to transition to get attention ... people transition because they can no longer tolerate the physical being they are.  Discrimination, rejection, threats of violence, rumors and worse are the type of attention we want to avoid.

Cats are funny creatures.

When it is feeding time they almost always choose their specific place and wait for me to bring their food.  My Prissy kitty will sit there and want me to slide her food to her.  I suppose that's really not special treatment ... it's more of a habit or a game.

There are people who seem to think that asking for something that some do not ask for, or may not be offered to everyone is akin to demanding special treatment.

Sometimes special treatment is necessary.  It's not out of line for a person in a wheel chair to want a room on the ground floor of a hotel that has no elevator.  A legally blind person may need things written in braille.

But these aren't really special treatment ... they are reasonable accommodations.

Asking for something different is not demanding special treatment.

"Fallon Fox transitioned to gain an advatage in MMA.  Why should she get special treatment?"

Sure ... possibly losing her career, suffering public scrutiny and continual bashing by some famous sports figures like Joe Rogan is so special.  Everybody wants every move they make to be dissected by media personalities.

"Jenna Talackova shouldn't be allowed to be in a female beauty contest."

I don't see how being transgender is an unfair advantage.  She received no favoritism ... she had to do all the same things that all the other contestants did.  The only special treatment she received was when Donald Trump was trying to figure out how to kick her out of the contest and save his oh so macho image.

"Laverne Cox should not be allowed to take rolls from female actresses."

Why not?  If she auditions and earns the part then what's the problem?  How is any of this special treatment?

"She transitioned so she could see naked women in a locker room."

I can't speak for every transgender woman, but if I want to see naked women I could go to a strip club.  Even going into a ladies room in a public place still makes me a little nervous ... sitting in a locker room gawking is out of the question.  I won't even touch on the fact that it's inappropriate and that I'm really not interested.

"Why should I call her by that name?  That's not the name I'm used to."

Should I even bring up the point that many women change the name they were born with and take their husband's last name?  I don't know why they deserve special treatment ... I mean, I never used that last name with them before so why should I now?

I suppose that may be seen as out of line.

I will just say that Marion Morrison, Demetria Guynes, Allen Konigsberg, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, Alphonso d’Abruzzo, Caryn Johnson and many others may have differing opinions on what name they want to be known by.

And no ... I'll make you google them if you don't know.

Asking to be called by a chosen name is in no way asking for preferential treatment; it is asking to be shown a modicum of respect.  Accidentally slipping up is understandable, but flat out saying I will not call you by your name seems to be childish ... maybe selfish ... I don't know.

I guess maybe I don't understand this incessant need to invade other people's private lives.  If you meet a woman in a public place are you going to say, "Nice to meet you.  At any point in your life were you a man?"  My guess is, why ever your were seeing her that would end the conversation.

Would you want anyone to ask you, "Have you ever used a different name?  Any pseudonyms, aliases?  Have you for any reason changed your name?  I need to know because I will only address you by your legal birth name."

Is somebody's social status based on, or does a person earn a level of respect based on a checklist of what you deem acceptable?

Are you willing to be held to someone else's standards?

Wouldn't it be better if we learned to see each other as people ... to enjoy our common grounds ... to respect our differences?

I'm not wanting to change the world ... not even my little corner of it.  I'm just trying to live my life ... and trying to figure out why others care how I accomplish that.

I'm tired.  I heading to get some sleep ... if my cats will let me.