Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Desperately seeking attention

No, not me ... not really.

Well ...

I don't think this is as much about going out of my way to get attention like my kitty Little One does.

She definitely let's everyone know what she wants ... even when she's doing things she knows are at least irritating, if not totally against the rules.

It strikes me as funny when people assume a person is doing something just for attention.

Anyone who falls out of societal norms are often thought to be attention seekers ...

Different hair colors or styles ...

Atypical fashion or clothing ...

Listening to different music ...

Their diet, friends, who they date, where they hang out ...


Is it possible that some kids who act "normal" are doing so to get attention?  Can it be that they would like to be that different person but prefer the attention they get for fitting in?

"Bruce Jenner is just transitioning to get attention!" ... "He's just trying to boost the ratings of that show he's on."


She must have been insanely intelligent ... I mean ... as a kid.

To be able to plan out a life where she won the Olympics in amazing fashion becoming one of the most recognizable sports figure of her day, to stay in the public eye on speaking venues would all have been done for her need for attention

Then, in the 1980s she knew that she'd be on a reality television show and began taking hormones to boost the ratings of a show that never would have even been considered possible ... especially because the people on the show weren't even famous, and possibly not even born yet.

Sounds like the most logical timeline to me **Rolls Eyes**

Maybe ... just maybe she would have transitioned despite the show ... despite the Olympics ... maybe earlier in life ... maybe in private and without the media scrutiny and torment.  Doing the interview took a lot of courage ... it was a necessary step to try and lessen the daily invasion into her life.

She deserves at least a little respect.

I can assure you that nobody chooses to transition to get attention ... people transition because they can no longer tolerate the physical being they are.  Discrimination, rejection, threats of violence, rumors and worse are the type of attention we want to avoid.

Cats are funny creatures.

When it is feeding time they almost always choose their specific place and wait for me to bring their food.  My Prissy kitty will sit there and want me to slide her food to her.  I suppose that's really not special treatment ... it's more of a habit or a game.

There are people who seem to think that asking for something that some do not ask for, or may not be offered to everyone is akin to demanding special treatment.

Sometimes special treatment is necessary.  It's not out of line for a person in a wheel chair to want a room on the ground floor of a hotel that has no elevator.  A legally blind person may need things written in braille.

But these aren't really special treatment ... they are reasonable accommodations.

Asking for something different is not demanding special treatment.

"Fallon Fox transitioned to gain an advatage in MMA.  Why should she get special treatment?"

Sure ... possibly losing her career, suffering public scrutiny and continual bashing by some famous sports figures like Joe Rogan is so special.  Everybody wants every move they make to be dissected by media personalities.

"Jenna Talackova shouldn't be allowed to be in a female beauty contest."

I don't see how being transgender is an unfair advantage.  She received no favoritism ... she had to do all the same things that all the other contestants did.  The only special treatment she received was when Donald Trump was trying to figure out how to kick her out of the contest and save his oh so macho image.

"Laverne Cox should not be allowed to take rolls from female actresses."

Why not?  If she auditions and earns the part then what's the problem?  How is any of this special treatment?

"She transitioned so she could see naked women in a locker room."

I can't speak for every transgender woman, but if I want to see naked women I could go to a strip club.  Even going into a ladies room in a public place still makes me a little nervous ... sitting in a locker room gawking is out of the question.  I won't even touch on the fact that it's inappropriate and that I'm really not interested.

"Why should I call her by that name?  That's not the name I'm used to."

Should I even bring up the point that many women change the name they were born with and take their husband's last name?  I don't know why they deserve special treatment ... I mean, I never used that last name with them before so why should I now?

I suppose that may be seen as out of line.

I will just say that Marion Morrison, Demetria Guynes, Allen Konigsberg, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, Alphonso d’Abruzzo, Caryn Johnson and many others may have differing opinions on what name they want to be known by.

And no ... I'll make you google them if you don't know.

Asking to be called by a chosen name is in no way asking for preferential treatment; it is asking to be shown a modicum of respect.  Accidentally slipping up is understandable, but flat out saying I will not call you by your name seems to be childish ... maybe selfish ... I don't know.

I guess maybe I don't understand this incessant need to invade other people's private lives.  If you meet a woman in a public place are you going to say, "Nice to meet you.  At any point in your life were you a man?"  My guess is, why ever your were seeing her that would end the conversation.

Would you want anyone to ask you, "Have you ever used a different name?  Any pseudonyms, aliases?  Have you for any reason changed your name?  I need to know because I will only address you by your legal birth name."

Is somebody's social status based on, or does a person earn a level of respect based on a checklist of what you deem acceptable?

Are you willing to be held to someone else's standards?

Wouldn't it be better if we learned to see each other as people ... to enjoy our common grounds ... to respect our differences?

I'm not wanting to change the world ... not even my little corner of it.  I'm just trying to live my life ... and trying to figure out why others care how I accomplish that.

I'm tired.  I heading to get some sleep ... if my cats will let me.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

RIP my precious fur-babies

This is quickly written with no specific point to it ...
Loki and Thor

Yesterday I came home to find my Loki Kitty feeling ill.  It was so clearly not him ... lethargic, whimpering and not wanting to move.  He could move, but clearly was not comfortable moving around.

Loki and his sister Thor  adopted us about three years ago when their mother, Midnight left them in out yard so she could go have another litter.

Spunky, Spooky, Shadow, Patches
Midnight is another kitty that adopted us a couple years before, but was never quite as comfortable as her children.  As a totally feral cat it was unusual for her to allow humans to get near her or her babies, but she did allow me to pet her, and even climbed into my lap if I was sitting outside.

Midnight had several litters of kittens, but not all of them came to our house ... in fact only 2 litters were near our house longer than a quick snack.

she was so cute
Two years ago was the group that included Spunky, Shadow, Spooky and Patches.  This group grew up in our yard, but only Spunky and Shadow trusted us enough to come in and be playful.

So why am I rehashing this history?

I don't know ... or maybe I do and I'm finally connecting the dots.

Red - Adopted us in 1999.  Her family moved from our apartment complex and left her behind.  She chose to come to our home of the dozens that were in the same area

Moose and
Little One
Moose - Adopted us in 2000.  A litter of kittens were abandoned in our bus yard.  Moose stayed by my side all day, so I took him home.

Little One - Adopted us in 2002.  She appeared on our patio emaciated.  We fed her and she chose to stay with us.

Smokey, Simba (and a lot of others) - Appeared in 2005 with our new neighbors.  The neighbors moved and left the cats and their kittens abandoned.

My favorite photo of
Smokey ... being defiant
... like a cat
Yetti and eventually Mr. Meowgi and Prissy were cats that were either abandoned or feral by nature, but either way were not being cared for.

I do not understand how people can be so heartless.  I cannot comprehend how somebody can leave a creature to "fend for itself" after they have been domesticated.  I cannot understand the mentality that says "it's just an animal so it doesn't matter if it dies."

It matters ...

They matter ...

They have feelings and deserve to be treated better than so many people treat them.  Those who abuse animals, who are cruel to them or mistreat them sicken me.

Knowing that all these kitties were abandoned in one way or another breaks my heart.  Knowing they trust me enough to care for them ... having them bond with me is very fulfilling.  Not everyone can say that a completely feral cat trusted them enough to climb on their lap and wanted to be petted ... most people cannot say that a cat that was left to fend for herself and did not want to be within 20 feet of people climbs onto them every evening to be brushed.

Red died a few years ago.

Mr Meowgi
Midnight and three of the kittens disappeared on the same day 18 months ago ... I hope this does not mean that some hateful person took them, or did something cruel to them.

Shadow and Smokey both died less than a year ago.

Yesterday Loki died.

I cannot describe the level of hurt I feel ... I cannot describe how empty I am.  The other cats are acting very sad.  Thor is not her usual self ... she keeps looking outside like she expects to see her brother waiting to want in.

Having the other cats does not make the deep ache any different ... we are consoling each other as we mourn our losses.

I do not plan on adopting any more cats, but if another feral or abandoned cat walks into my life I will not ignore it and let it suffer.  I cannot be that inhuman.

RIP Loki - I miss you

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Now ... about that conference

The picture does not do
it justice.  We were well
fed during our stay.
I truly dislike conferences ...

I don't like conferences, classes, lectures ... I don't like big crowds, loud environments, situations where I may be expected to interact with people I do not know ... and sometimes even with people I do know.

I made a promise to my manager, to my therapist and most importantly to myself that I would go into this event knowing that I would get something positive out of it ... and I would look for positive items to take with me ...

but let's rewind a bit ...

If this conference had been a year ago ... three years ago ... any time in the past I would have the same checklist of worries

- Will it be crowded ... loud ... hectic
- Will I be expected to interact ... talk ... answer questions
- Will I stay focused ... pay attention ... will my mind wander
- Will I make a decent impression or will I look like a fool

This year there was the added concerns

- Will I be accepted as or treated like Tiffanie, or will my legal name haunt me.
- How will I be mentally after flying halfway across the country

Well ... the company treated me wonderfully.  The hotel room was reserved for Tiffanie ... my name tag for the conference said Tiffanie ... that made me feel very welcome and happy.

There were a couple of mis-genderings from people who have known me for a long time, but that is expected ... and they were quickly corrected.

This is a positive ... and a huge confidence booster.

As far as the crowded, concentrating, interacting, looking foolish, mind wandering while talking issue ... this is where you would expect me to go on a tangent about difficulties caused by anxiety ... being introverted ... ADHD ... depression ... whatever.


This isn't about that.

Whatever the issues are that cause me to lose focus or causes my mind to wander ... why ever it is I feel uncomfortable interacting in groups or speaking to people, these issues have been a part of me my entire life.  I learned to work with or around my issues before I fully understood what they were.  Knowing the root cause is starting to make it a little easier.

Did I feel uneasy during the welcome ... in a fancy room with hundreds of people and multiple big wigs at the table in front of me?

Yes.  I felt like the kid at the front of the assembly at school fearing that I would be volunteered or pointed out for something.  But like back then, nothing bad happened ... and I learned a different perspective about why the company is doing what it is doing ... and what it is leading to.

This is a positive.

Even though I followed behind my manager like a lost puppy the entire first day I was beginning to feel a little comfortable ... like I belonged there.  Being in the same breakout groups with her made things a little easier, but I would have survived either way.

Did I learn anything new about safety issues or making an action plan in the first breakout group?

Did I mention we were well fed?
The most incredible white chocolate
macadamia cookies ever!
Well ... yes.  I learned the corporate total numbers and was floored.  How can a company that transports children have so many accidents and injuries.  Safety is my highest priority ... but ... the numbers from my yard are a part of that total.

If I expect the company numbers to go down I need to focus on my own yard.

I learned how to use tools like the action plan in a better way ... to get more benefits from it.

I even spoke up ... voiced an opinion and a concern in this group.

Positive, positive ... and positive.

After lunch my manager and I presented an idea for extra training we believe would be beneficial for our drivers to one of the area big wigs.  I even had the confidence to discuss an issue of concern regarding buses in my bus yard ... well spoken and to the point ... able to answer his questions and explain why it is such a big concern.

Positive, positive ... positive ... ... positive.

Was there anything interesting in the "One Minute Manager" session?

Yes ... I captured some good blackmail video of my manager and the area executive assistant.  Alright ... not really, but I did video them doing a fun game - an exercise dealing with stacking cups.  It demonstrated how you can start with one main objective and how easy it is to lose ... or how difficult it can be to get back to it.

I can use this in my training ... somehow.

The book itself has a lot of good information.  It is not very well written (in my opinion) but the concepts are pretty easy and useful.

Positive ... positive and funny.

There was a little sensory overload issue at the dinner on Tuesday evening.  Dozens ... hundreds of people in a room eating ... talking ... clanging the silverware on the plate ... shuffling around the room.  I became a little ... then a lot overwhelmed.  I was done eating, so I politely excused myself.

I walked around outside for a while ...

Even that is a positive.  Not removing myself from the situation causing the anxiety ...that's a no brainer.  Being able to bring myself back to a level of calm and enjoy the rest of the evening ... that may have been the big win for me that day.  I was able to focus on everything that was good rather than the short period of discomfort.

Wednesday can be reduced down to this - Positive.

The group of training supervisors and area directors of safety discussing the company audit, company policies, focusing on safety and ... and getting to know each other.

We were told that the company person who handles work comp would not be available because she was speaking to the managers.  I asked, "Can she at least come in and say hi?  I'd like to meet the voice on the other end of the phone."

"That's a good idea," was the reply.  They made it happen.

Insert suggestion 2 about information in the database ... input on issue 3 ... a couple other conversations ...

"That's good."  "Tiffanie has a good idea."  "She has the right answer."

I met people from different areas ... I found out that other supervisors have the same issues and questions I do ... I met area directors from other regions.

A magnet for Pam
A snow-globe for me
Sort of a reminder to
myself that there is more
to life than what you see
inside your little bubble

Positive, positive, positive ... positive and confidence boosting ... positive and making me feel good ... positive.

So I promised myself that I would take something positive from this conference, and I did ... but not so much all the things I accomplished and learned during the meetings ...

Everything about this conference was about pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

This was not stepping to the edge of that zone then running back to the middle ... this was a flying leap beyond every boundary I believed existed.  It was facing multiple fears simultaneously and not simply surviving ... thriving.

The single biggest positive of this trip was this realization:

My comfort zone is that area I've created.  Its boundaries are limitations I have placed on myself.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Up in the air ...

*** I have a webpage in progress ***

I so dreaded Monday long before it ever arrived.
It's nit that I ever wake up and say, "Oh boy!  It's Monday." 

This last Monday was my trip to Dallas ... the day I would need to face some of my fears.  The hardest part of the day was getting out of car when the bus pulled up to take me away.  Every fiber of me wanted to cry, but I couldn't.

I couldn't because the bus is from the company I work for and the only passengers were my manager, a supervisor and manager from another facility close to ours.

I couldn't because the fear was beginning to weigh me down like a bag of sand being dumped into my mind ... slowly ... a few grains at a time.

My manager knew I was nervous ... she helped a lot by joking with me, but also by walking me and the other supervisor through the airport process every step of the way.

First hurdle - We arrived at the airport security checkpoint.  I handed the gentleman my license and my boarding pass.

He scans the ticket, looks at the name on the license and the name on paper ... looks at me, looks at my license ... at me, then the license.  Finally he handed me my documents.  "Have a nice flight."

Second hurdle - I put all my stuff in the bins at the second security checkpoint.  My items disappear into the machine on the conveyor belt and I waited to step into the body scan.

"Ma'am."  The guard on the far side gestured for me to step in.  "Place your feet on the marks and raise your hands."

I stumbled as I stepped out of the booth.  Another guard approached me and ran her hands across my shoulders and the under my breasts.  "Thank you.  Have a nice day," she said.

As we put our shoes on my manager said, "That was the first time I've gotten a boob check like that."

"Me, too."  I laughed a little.  

I began to relax for a moment.  Getting past security was a big concern and it went very well, even with the friendly groping by the TSA officer.

Third hurdle - There were other managers and supervisors from different bus yards in the area waiting for their flights.

Waiting ...

Nothing to do but think ...

And wait ...

Talking with the friends from the other facilities helped a little, but not enough to completely distract me.

"Man ... I'm going to tell you what."  A supervisor from another facility leaned forward on his chair.  "I'll probably break the armrests off during the flight.  Feel sorry for whoever is next to me.  That's how nervous I am right now."

I hadn't mentioned how uptight I was ... I was likely pretty obvious, but I hadn't said it to the group.  "We'll see who screams first," I replied.

"It'll be me ... it'll be me," he said.

We all laughed for a while,

And then ...

and then more waiting ...

The flight was going to be delayed for almost an hour and the anticipation was building at an exponential rate.  

It was time for a Xanax.  This is why my doctor prescribed them.

I've taken Xanax before, so I know it's not a magic pill.  It doesn't really eliminate the stress at all ... it's more like it numbs the brain a little so the anxiety doesn't overwhelm me.

Fourth hurdle - Our flight was called to board.  I walked into the very small tube that led to the jet.  My manager was behind me ... I'm not sure if it was for support or to make sure that I didn't turn around and run.
But I wouldn't run ...

I needed to do this ...

Not just for my job, but for me.

At one point the jet bridge shifted.  I knew it would do this, but it still made me pause a moment ... unfortunately it was also the section where the hall goes from narrow to seemingly tiny.

Like a scene out of a horror movie the walkway stretched further into the distance while squishing tighter and tighter around me.

"Almost there, Tiffie ... almost here."  I concentrated on my breathing.  "A few more steps ... c'mon girl."

Fifth hurdle - I sat in my seat and stared out the window ... well, played with the seat belt, fidgeted with my cellphone, grabbed my little video camera, twirled my hair, sipped my Sprite, adjusted the vents to blow air on me, and all the while tried to focus on my breathing.

It seemed like just a minute later they were announcing that we were getting ready to takeoff.

Now all I needed to worry about was sitting still for three hours, possibly getting airsick, whether my claustrophobia would get worse and if I could think about other things to worry about.

The flight ... well, it was totally uneventful.  Between my music and the pictures I took I kept myself preoccupied.  When we got to Dallas Fort Worth it didn't seem like it had been very long.

I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed the flight ... it was crowded, not really comfortable, there was a crying baby across the aisle from me, we hit a little turbulence ... ... 
The conference I was heading to Texas for went well, but it is really not a part of this story.

I am proud of myself for this trip ... I feel a little like a young child who is bragging about learning to ride a bike, or rolling a strike in bowling, but this was an accomplishment and I am happy with myself.  

The pictures are just a few of the dozens I took ... the video is the takeoff from DFW.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Running on gas ...

*** May 1985 ***

Sunset over the ocean
Richard and I went to Fiesta De Sol in Ventura ... it was a small event at a local park near the beach.  That particular day was a day for people with physical and developmental disabilities.  Since Richard and I both worked for the van service at the college to transport disabled students it was a logical place to be.

I have never been an outgoing person, but on rare occasion I can be the carefree, "I don't care who's watching" girl.

This was one of those days.

I drove to Ventura after bowling on Saturday morning.  It was hot out ... my car had air conditioning.  That choice was easy ... but I did promise Richard and some friends from college that I would be there to hang out with them for a while.

It makes me wonder how anyone hooked up for anything back then.  No cell phones ... no pagers ... smoke signals were frowned upon.  The lucky ones did have CB radios, but I didn't have one at the time.

Anyway ... the afternoon started off pretty slow.  OK, I'm being nice ... it was boring.  There were a lot of booths, but not much to do.  The group of us walked around and then stayed for the presentation at the stage.

It's not that I didn't enjoy being with my friends ... it was that I was hot and miserable.  A beer sounded really good ... heck, even water sounded good.

As our friends disappeared with their families Richard and I walked across the park toward the parking lot.  The event was already being broken down ... tables being folded up ... decorations on the ground ... and ... and a tank of helium with balloons tied to it.

"Can we have some balloons?"  It was not like me to just ask somebody a question like that ... especially in a crowded environment, but I did.

"Sure."  I don't think the lady was actually paying attention to either Richard or me.

"Can we fill some more?"

"Go ahead."  She grabbed a box and stacked it into a nearby van.

Richard and I both started filling balloons. As quickly as we could fill them people were coming up and asking for them.  Nobody was saying anything to us, so we just kept doing it.

Miller Beer

After maybe 15 minutes we had given away a lot of balloons ... now it was time for fun.

As any mature adults would, we filled balloons up and inhaled the gas to talk in that Marvin Martian voice.  We would say a few words and giggle.  Then we tried singing.

Less than a minute after we started this 2 other men walked up and we started singing songs in barbershop quartet fashion ... helium powered, slightly off key harmony.

We sang a dozen short songs ... the Miller beer song ... the McDonald's jingle ... Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper songs ... I'm pretty sure we destroyed part of an Eagles song badly ... but it was fun ... It was fun and people were gathering.

I did not realize this.  I would have hidden in embarrassment ... but then they applauded.

What the ... ???

We only sang a few more songs before the effects of hypoxia really started taking their toll.

I did learn that breathing primarily helium for a while makes you dizzy.

When we were done the park was just about empty.  The helium tank was pretty much the last thing loaded into the van.

Thank God there were no cell phone videos or small camcorders back then.  We would have been all over the internet ... if the internet was available.

***  ***  ***

I don't like being the center of attention.  I am somewhat shy and mostly introverted ... I always have been.

I don't want to be noticed.  I'd rather just do my job or live my life while blending into the background.  This is not saying that I do not want some form of recognition for an accomplishment.  Everyone needs some positive feedback from time to time.

It is strange that the jobs I'm drawn to seem to put me in front of people ... put me where I am, watched ... in a spotlight ... noticed.

I think a big part of the issue is my own brain ... I think ... a lot.

I liked playing third base in softball.  Why?  I don't really know.

When I would take the field I would be nervous.  My team was watching ... the opponents were watching ... the crowd was watching ... all 7 of them.  I was afraid I would make a mistake ... that something would go wrong and I'd look like an idiot.

Then a ball would be hit to me.

I couldn't think ... just react.

I did make mistakes, but I made many more good plays ... even a few spectacular plays.

When I worked on the ambulance it was the same thing.  I would be nervous on the way to a call, but once I got there I just acted.

I still get nervous speaking in front of people ... even people I know ... even subjects I talk about or teach often.

I'm very self conscious.

I over analyze everything.

I might like to learn to dance, but then the brain kicks in.  "People will be watching." "What if I mess up?" "I'm not as good as others."

By the time I get done thinking I have convinced myself that it is a bad idea ... I won't be any good ... I will be embarrassed ... I just don't want to.

Can I dance?  I don't know ... I've never really tried.

It's the same thing with singing.  I sang in front of my church as a child, but I was nervous and never really enjoyed it.

Richard took me and Pam to karaoke a few times.  My tolerance to loud places is very low, but going out was a little fun.  I didn't like the thought of singing in front of people I didn't know, but ...

Amazing what a couple of beers can do.  I did pretty good once I got beyond the thinking.

Maybe a couple of beers might cure my dancing insecurities.

Next week I am going to Dallas for a conference of safety supervisors and general managers.

This is opening up an entirely different level of insecurities ... or maybe the same insecurities rebooted.

I am nervous about the flight.  Will my claustrophobia be stirred up?  How crowded will the terminal be?  How crowded will the jet be?  Will there be turbulence?  Will I feel sick?  Will I survive all these scenarios I torture myself with?

What will the weather be like?  Will the room be nice?  Is there really anything in Texas worth seeing?  What is the conference going to be like?  How crowded will it be?  Will I stay focused?  How far will my mind wander?  What clothes should I wear?  Where are we going to eat?

Why do I do this?

Why can't I just get on the plane and go?

Why can't I just go to the conference without all these worries?

A beer is not an option for the meeting ...

Somewhere in my brain I know things will go just fine.  I know when we break into our groups to discuss issues I will be well spoken.

I just want to get this over with.

I didn't mention what bugs me the most about this event, but I figured I didn't need to explain this.  I will be gone Monday and Tuesday night ... without Pam.  It's only two evenings, but it will be two long evenings.

I'm sure I will have a story or two when I get back.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wow ... Transgender is trending!

Looks like I jumped on the bandwagon at the right time  *facepalm*

I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse ...

Other than the fear of losing Pam and Timmy, one of my biggest worries was drawing attention to myself ...

I mean ... I just wanted to move to the female end of the spectrum without anyone noticing, questioning or judging me.  I feared sticking out like a sore thumb of society, but I wanted to be me.

I needed to be me.

I am me.

I am a lady.  I just want to live my life like any other lady.

I knew remaining stealth was going to be a difficult task as I transitioned while staying at the same job I've held for a very long time ... and obviously I have family and friends that have known me for many years.

but ...

When I am out in public ... at the store ... at a restaurant ... the movies ... all I want is to be female.  I want to be treated as female ... use the ladies' room ... be allowed to be me.

To this point I am beyond pleased.

One recent exception - a nimrod receptionist at a lab where I was having blood drawn told me, "Our male clients use the men's restroom across the hall."

This pretty face does
not belong in a men's
restroom facility.
I did not use the men's room.  I gave her the "I'm about to go bitch on your ass" look and she backed down.  I think the tech in the back said something to her as well.

In a big way things are going better than I ever imagined.  We have hired many new employees who have only known Tiffanie.  Almost every other coworker that has known me a while has adjusted.

I did not choose to transition for any reason other than my own sanity ... my mental and spiritual well being ,,. to save my life.

It was an incredible coincidence that my first appointment with my therapist was literally weeks after Jenna Talackova made news as the "transgender beauty contest contestant."

Since that time Lana Wachowski, Fallon Fox, Laverne Cox ... models, actors, business people, older people, children.  There has been a huge social acceptance of some transgender people.

Some ... but not all.

But now ...

Now we have states passing laws saying people must use the restroom of their biological gender.  How do I get the job of Official Government Groper to ensure this law is enforced?  And what do I do with inter-sexed people?  Do they use a bucket between the doors?

And some states want to deny service to the entire LGBT community.

How would this even be possible?  Hook all customers to a lie detector and interrogate them before they can order a happy meal?  Serving customers in the drive through might become a challenge.

Maybe there will be male and female staff in the facility and you will be required to have sex with one before being served.  Likely won't work ... that would either be fornication or adultery and won't prove any moral values.

I am not a political advocate ... I do not feel it is my place to judge others morals or motifs ... I am not a protester, nor do I march in demonstrations, but this is all getting so ridiculous.

Is the government going to rid society of anything and everything that is outside whatever they consider normal by legislating it into oblivion?

Where will this stop?

Same sex marriages ...
Where and when one can pray ...
Which restroom a transgender person can use ...
What religion you can practice ...
Who you can marry ...
What church to go to ...
Where you will live ...
What you can eat ...
What charities you can donate to ...

Since when are businesses allowed to discriminate because they feel like it?  Since when do states encourage businesses to discriminate?

How deep will this depravity sink?

A restaurant can refuse to serve gay people ...
A school can expel a student for flying an Am
erican flag ...
An employer can terminate a transgender person for no cause ...
A public facility can refuse a club that is religious based ...
A hotel can deny you a room because you have a sleep disorder ...
A hospital can refuse treatment to people with certain diseases ...

So maybe all these are not true ... but how long until every personal decision ... every protected right we have as humans are controlled by those who mean well?  Or those who seek power?

The religious factions are not helping matters any.

Every sect is fighting to prove how much more holy ... how morally superior they are that they do not realize, nor do they care who or what the tromp to thrust their beliefs upon what they feel is a corrupt society.

They fight what they don't agree with.

They fight what they do not understand.

They fight what they fear.

Two sides of an issue each grasping for what they feel they deserve ... for what they feel is right.  It is a giant societal tug of war ... a religious crusade ... a political campaign.

It is sad that as a society ... as the species with supposedly the superior intellect that we waste so much time pointing out, judging and hating those things that are different about others.

 I wonder what would happen if we just showed a little respect for each other ... if we accepted our differences and just let everyone live their lives.