Saturday, March 21, 2015

A night at the movies

A sandwich tray from Subway
Just an extra thank you for the
drivers who helped today
This is one of those times I could really unleash the somewhat creative but terribly chaotic ADD part of my brain and ramble endlessly through a myriad of disconnected concepts.

This is a somewhat normal state of mind for me, but doesn't serve me well while writing ... usually.

I've spent a lot of time recently comparing ... well ... maybe mentally measuring, or balancing many things ... trying to figure out where everything fits ... or where I fit into things ...

I don't know.

I draw very bizarre comparisons at times.

Sometimes I think I see things completely differently than those around me ... that my brain works on a different frequency than others.

A honeybee hard at work
I'm a little allergic (I hope
just a little) but love photography
I don't mean I am incredible or profound in any manner ... just different.

Tris in Divergent felt out of place even before the aptitude test.

Her test proved her instincts were right, but she was told not to tell anyone that she was different ... this frightened and confused her.

She did try to conform by changing factions and rebuilding her identity.  This transformation only reminded just how different she was and eventually revealed her abnormality to those around her.

Her society was scared of people who did not fit in.  There was a plot to rid society of all people that portrayed this independence ... this ability to see or think differently.

In the end Tris accepted her divergence and saved the lives of many in the process.

The first blossoms on our
apricot tree.  I so love eating
the fruit from this tree
Alright ... if you're a fan, or even just know the story, please don't tell me all the things I abbreviated or left out.  I was not trying to recite the entire story.

It is sad that society pushes away that which they do not understand.

It is sad that those who do not fit in feel it is necessary to conform for a chance to be happy when self acceptance is so much more important.

Tris had no intentions of overthrowing a plot ... of fighting for the rights of others ... of even being herself ... ... but she did.

Being yourself takes a lot, especially when you fall outside of societal norms ... confidence ... bravery ... determination ... perseverance ...

While trying to photograph
this spider she became aggressive.
A Fly happened to hit her web and
I caught her stalking her prey
Traits I never noticed in myself ... but others have.

When Katniss volunteered for Prim at the reaping in the Hunger Games she was not trying to prove her bravery; she was trying to protect her sister.  She was not wanting to earn the respect of those in her district ... not wanting to draw attention to herself ... but she did.

When she joined with Rue as allies, or when she saved Peta she was not trying to inspire a country; she was trying to help those worse off than her.  She was not trying gain sympathy ... not trying to influence others ... but she did.

When I started this blog it was an outlet ... a secret place to express my fears, my emotions, my progress and my setbacks ... possibly I might have accomplishments or small victories to talk about.

I never figured people would read my thoughts.

I never thought I was interesting.

The cookies that were
served with the sandwiches.
More and more people are commenting or sending my messages because they appreciate my unusual outlook ... they admire my courage ... they are inspired by me.

I am truly shocked and humbled.  This has never been why I write ... this is not something I ever thought I was capable of doing.

To everyone who reads ... to everyone who comments and encourages me, thank you.  You have all truly made me very happy.