Sunday, December 7, 2014

Frogger ...

Sometimes my brain drives me nuts.

There are so many times it feels like I get stuck between thoughts ... or maybe it's a little more like my thoughts get run over as they try to get to their destination.

So my brain is like Frogger.

For those that don't remember - Frogger was a video game where you moved your frog across a busy street followed by a river with floating logs, turtles and crocodiles and then you must end in one of a handful of safe zones on the far side ... ... but even then you're not guaranteed anything because sometimes a crocodile appears in the safe zone.

If you don't time things properly ... if you delay or move too fast you get run over.

If you aren't careful on the water the log may sink and you drown.

No matter how many times you get across the obstacle course there is always another frog that needs to be helped to safety.  It never ends ... in fact it gets harder and harder with every frog.  Eventually all your frogs are dead and the game is over.

I wonder at times how many frogs my brain has left.

In my brain there isn't just one frog ... there's dozens, or hundreds at a time ...and the cars on the road are not slow moving nor give a lot of space to move between them.  I don't really get the luxury of starting over if a thought is squished or drowned ... I have to somehow regain my mental footing and continue across.

I often find myself staring at the blur of the passing cars.

So what does this have to do with anything?

Nothing ... this is the correlation I made after a random thought interrupted a daydream which sidetracked the disruption that invaded a random thought which derailed my train of thought as I was writing another blog entry ... ...

Ummm ... Yeah.

I'm really not complaining about all this.  Some of my best ideas have come during these distractions.  I just find it amusing how quickly I can go from contemplating current situations I am dealing with to thinking about a 1980s video game.

Maybe next entry will be something more relevant ... like how my organizational skills are like playing a game of three dimensional, multilevel Tetris.