Sunday, February 9, 2014


Last week I watched The Hunger Games.  It was the first time I had ever seen it ... I loved it.  I decided to watch it a second time the next night.  

This week I watched Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters.  I like intense movies ... especially ones that take an original or unexpected twists.

The only issue ... I do have an over active imagination ... a dark and twisted muse that feeds my mind incredibly detailed images and stories ... and dreams.  She decided to have fun with me ...

*** Panic ***
Based on a nightmare

I draw in a long deep breath, entranced by the fresh air and fragrance of the forest.  I twirl around taking in my surroundings ... nonchalant ... care free.

Everything seems so familiar.  I've been here before ... but I don't know when.

A hint of daylight hangs in the sky as the sun hides behind the trees.  I'm trying to get somewhere ... I don't know where ... I don't know why ... but I must get there.  I meander through the trees gazing at the wildlife.  The weight of a backpack pulls at my shoulders ... I tug the straps ... the butt of a crossbow brushes the back of my head.

I know I need these things.

I see a structure in the distance ... I'll stay there tonight.  I make my way toward the building.  An uneasy wells inside me.

This isn't right.

I'm startled by the boom of a canon ... I scream.

This isn't real ... this cannot be real.

I'm confused ... I'm frightened.

Images of the Hunger Games swirl through my imagination ... the image of a fallen competitor shines above the trees.

What do I do?

I hear rustling in the foliage behind me.  I scamper through a cluster of trees searching for a place to hide.  I drop to my knees in some shrubs along an embankment ,,, I cannot control my emotions ... my thoughts ... my tears.  I am afraid too look ... afraid to breathe ... afraid to sleep.

I must continue.  I must find whatever it is that I am searching for ... I don't know what, only that I am heading west.

I creep out from the branches that cover me.  Staying low to the ground I head toward the ever diminishing glow.  I work my way up a hill ... slowly ... flinching at every noise ... every shadow.  

I must be close ... I hope I'm I'm close.

I reach a clearing near the top of the hill.  I squat down behind a tree.  I see a silhouette at the ridge ... somebody standing in the open ... watching ... waiting.

I grab my crossbow.  I shift my weight to take aim ... I'm trembling ... I cannot do it ... I cannot kill.

I work my way north, avoiding the clearing ... avoiding whoever is between me and my goal.  The detour is taking very long ... I am exhausted ... I want to collapse, but I can't.  I must push forward ... I must reach my goal.

I pause for a moment to rest.  The figure is still atop the hill ... but I see more detail ... I recognize her, but I do not know from where.

She doesn't belong her.

I don't belong here.

I continue around the clearing.  I try to remember where I have seen the lady on the hill ... my mind is blank. I begin to head west again ... deeper into the woods ... back on course.  I take a deep breath.  A bit of relief calms my mind ... it's just a matter of time ... I can make it.

The unknown woman steps out from behind a tree ... I stop in my tracks.

"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?"  She steps toward me.

I backtrack.  "You can't be here."  Fear grips my soul.  "You're ... you're ..."

"The witch?"  She laughs.  "Oh, but I am here.  And I cannot let you continue."

I run.

I weave through the trees ... she is following me ... I need to hide.  I look into the trees ... I cannot climb fast enough.  I hear her getting closer.  I continue to run.  I turn tight around a tree hoping the redirection will throw her off.

I can't react to a low branch ... it hits me across the chest and shoulders ... I am on the ground.  I roll to my to my stomach and draw my crossbow.

She kicks it from my hands.

I scramble to my feet.

"Don't worry.  This won't hurt ... much."  She smiles.  "You can't avoid this forever."  

Her appearance changes ... cold and evil.  I want to run ... I want to give up.

I feel anxiety welling up inside me.  Everything fades to a dull light ... I do not know how it ends.


I awoke from this dream in the midst of an anxiety attack.  I know it was a dream ... a nightmare, but everything seemed so real ... so detailed.  My words do not fully capture the emotions ... the fears I felt during the dream.

As I looked for pictures I stumbled across this website ( ).  Some of the images are so eerily similar to where I was in my dream.  I altered the to try and recreate the surreal atmosphere ... again, I was not able to fully capture the ambiance of the scenes.

Other pictures from Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters.