Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My annual un-resolutions ...

As I said last year, I do not make resolutions ...

I read a friend's blog today and she came up with the idea of a theme for the year.  I pondered this for a while ...

Yes ... a theme is in order ...

But what?

What could I find that touches, applies to or motivates all aspects of my life?  The answer came to me ... from nowhere ... from everywhere ... I don't know  It is something I've been told many times over the past couple years ...

"Be True"

- To myself
- To the ones I love
- To my muse
- To my beliefs
- To the path I am traveling
- To my craft
- To my ideals

This simple two word theme can be implemented in so many ways ... for so many issues ...

To put it into practice will take much discipline ... discipline and patience.  Both of these have never been my strong attributes ... especially lately.

I am not saying that I do not have goals ... I do.  Many of my fitness goals have not changed.  They will be delayed some sue to my left ankle and knee, but they are still in my future.  Other goals are a bit more rudimentary in many ways ... yet still very deep and personal.

- Learn
- Apply knowledge with wisdom
- Achieve balance
- Keep your words in good order
- Keep your thoughts in good order
- Celebrate Life
- Attune with the cycles of the earth
- Breath and eat correctly
- Exercise the body
- Meditate

I cannot expect 2014 will be better than 2013 unless I put a bit of work in to make it that way.  I am looking forward to the effort ... I am looking forward to the benefits.