Saturday, January 4, 2014

I am so sick of all this ...

Let's try this again ...

I know many people read this blog ... friends, family, likely coworkers and people I do not know and will never meet.  This blog is not directed at any specific audience ... in fact, I am amazed that anybody wants to read this.

So I don't have to repeat myself, I will link to a very recent post explaining certain things: Rehashing Some Issues

Do we all understand that this is MY BLOG and I will say what I WANT?

There is a group of people I am having issues with ... a large enough group where I cannot list them, but they know I am talking to them.  In actuality I am talking to everybody ...

First issue ... This is a blog, it is not facebook.  You can tell by the Blogspot logo and the web address.  I've been kind enough to show both for those that are still confused.

Now that we have that issue behind us, allow me to continue.

I don't give a rat's ass if this is my blog, facebook, twitter or any other means of social media, I have the right to speak my mind ... I have the right to state my issues ... I have the right to discuss my beliefs, my life, my work, my family ... do I truly need to continue this list?

You have the right to disagree ... to not read this ... to be unhappy ... to not like me.

You do NOT have the right to try and silence me ... to dictate what I can and cannot discuss ... to threaten me or those I love for my actions ... to torment those I love because you do not have the fortitude to talk to me.

For those who do not realize
that all citizens of the US have certain rights
It is entirely disappointing that some people who have access to my information ... my thoughts ... my emotions are far too willing to expose their own cowardice by attacking Pam or Timmy.  Or worse than that ... they show absolutely no spine and tattle to others about what I've said knowing it will incite a disagreement.

If your mentality is stuck in first grade the please excuse yourself to the playground and let the adults live in peace.

I am not hiding

You know where to find me

If you have an issue with me, talk to ME

You are so brave to threaten over the telephone, by FB message, by getting Pam in an isolated area so you can whisper innuendos and lies in her ear, but you don't talk to me ...


What are you afraid of?

You always brag how willing you are to speak your mind ... well here I am.  Talk to me.

I will be nice and tell you up front ... you do not intimidate me, and I am not removing this blog for any reason.  If you have an issue with a specific statement then I will consider changing the content depending on your reasoning.

Okay now run off and tell everyone how horrible I am and how I said I am not sorry for what I've said.  Fill your envious, pathetic hearts with malice and enjoy your own company because soon you will be the only one who will tolerate you.

But as I said ... if you truly want to talk, I am here.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My annual un-resolutions ...

As I said last year, I do not make resolutions ...

I read a friend's blog today and she came up with the idea of a theme for the year.  I pondered this for a while ...

Yes ... a theme is in order ...

But what?

What could I find that touches, applies to or motivates all aspects of my life?  The answer came to me ... from nowhere ... from everywhere ... I don't know  It is something I've been told many times over the past couple years ...

"Be True"

- To myself
- To the ones I love
- To my muse
- To my beliefs
- To the path I am traveling
- To my craft
- To my ideals

This simple two word theme can be implemented in so many ways ... for so many issues ...

To put it into practice will take much discipline ... discipline and patience.  Both of these have never been my strong attributes ... especially lately.

I am not saying that I do not have goals ... I do.  Many of my fitness goals have not changed.  They will be delayed some sue to my left ankle and knee, but they are still in my future.  Other goals are a bit more rudimentary in many ways ... yet still very deep and personal.

- Learn
- Apply knowledge with wisdom
- Achieve balance
- Keep your words in good order
- Keep your thoughts in good order
- Celebrate Life
- Attune with the cycles of the earth
- Breath and eat correctly
- Exercise the body
- Meditate

I cannot expect 2014 will be better than 2013 unless I put a bit of work in to make it that way.  I am looking forward to the effort ... I am looking forward to the benefits.