Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Just a jab, a tease to start
A piercing from a careless dart
So unaware what it inflicts
The talk of love so contradicts

A dagger drawn out from its sheath
I stare in frightened disbelief
Invite me to the masquerade
Then stab me with the pointed blade

I cry out in my despair
But all nearby seem unaware
Yet still persist to do the deed
To tear my flesh until it bleeds

In this battle I will fight
There’s no escaping from this plight
But far too brutal is my foe
Who thrashes me with every blow

And now I’m numb from all my wounds
The voices calling from the tombs
So now I build my fortress walls
And hide from what I fear befalls

As these lacerations heal
The thought of love does not seem real
I’m no more than a hollow shell
Who’s living in a private hell

And so at night I cry alone
And fight these demons on their throne
While yelling out up to the stars

Just praying I can hide these scars