Sunday, August 25, 2013

Taking a gamble

After a week of ups and downs at work and home Pam, Sedona and I needed a change of pace.  We decided to go to a nearby casino to unwind and have fun.

OK ... a loud, crowded, smoke filled casino is not the normal get away for a group of ladies who tend to be antisocial and suffer from anxiety issues ... but we went ... we needed to go.

On the way I applied a little makeup ... just basic and not overdone, but enough to be noticeable.

The significance of the trip was not the destination nor what we did on the way (such as eating Baconaters), but the events after we arrived.

As with many casinos, this one has a players card to earn points and cash.  Personally, over my many visits, I have earned $2.86 ... I'm not sure how to redeem it, or even what I can do with it, but with a few more visits I'm sure I can break $3.00 ... but I digress.

As we waited in line to get Sedona's card, I tried my card to see if it was still valid ... it wasn't.  No big deal, really; Pam and I would just need to get new ones.  I mean, we were already in line so it was just a matter of waiting.

I walked up and placed my card on the counter.

"How can I help you?" the man asked.

"My card doesn't work,"  I replied.

He looked at the card.  "It's probably been deactivated.  Do you have your identification?"

"Yes, but it doesn't look like me."

"That's alright."  He picked up my club card.  "Aha ... you're trying to use your husband's card."

"No ..."  I handed him my license.

"Oh.  I'm sorry."  He blushed.

"Please, don't be."  I smiled.  "Does the name on the member card have to match my license?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can I change the name on the card to Tiffanie?"  I fidgeted a bit.  "That will be my legal name soon."  I spelled out my name.

"No problem."  He typed on his keyboard for a moment then handed me a brand ne member card ... Tiffanie's brand new member card.  "Good luck."

I was thrilled ... Even though I noticed a typo (Tiffany rather than Tiffanie).

"So, what do you want to do first?" Pam asked as the three of us gathered near the customer service desk.

I had to show Pam my card.  I was so happy over such a trivial thing.  "He misspelled it, but that's alright."  I believe the grin on my face was almost completely wrapped around my head.

"Very good.  How did you get them to do that?" my beautiful wife asked?

"I just asked."

"Very good," she said.  "So what first?"

Sedona smiled.  "Use the restroom."

My smile turned to a bit of a nervous smirk.  I needed to go to the restroom ... it is now obvious to me that I appear female to others ... and I sound female to some ... and I have been in women's restrooms before, but they were all relatively small restroom in not very crowded places.  This was (I assumed by my memories of the men's rooms in the casino) a large restroom with many people constantly cycling in and out.

We walked in.  I likely looked like the kindergartner being escorted to the principal's office  after being caught braking a rule ... ... I was very nervous.

The restroom was busy ... many stalls were taken.

I have no clue what ladies' room etiquette is ... in the men's room most guys grab the stall door and rattle it rather violently ... then a few seconds later they rattle it again.  I don't know whether they are so stupid that they don't realize that nobody has left the stall yet, or if it is some form of alpha-male communication that they want in ... and whoever is in there should get out now, regardless of what they are doing.

Pam found me a vacant stall ... I'm assuming the details aren't necessary and all I need to say was everything was uneventful.

We headed upstairs to the no smoking area ... only a handful of machines, but much quieter.  We found a row of six machines with nobody there.  From the left, Sedona sat on the second chair, Pam sat on the third at her favorite machine and I sat at the fifth machine.

After a short while a man sat at the sixth machine.  "How ya doin'?"

"Fine."  I smiled without making eye contact.

"You gettin' lucky?"

Oh ... my ... God!!  Why was he talking to me?  And was that a horrible opening pick up line?  Maybe I should have felt a bit flattered, but I felt rather creeped out.  I turned my chair a bit so my back was slightly turned toward him.

He cashed out.  I was relieved ... for a second.  He sat between me and Pam.  I would find out later he tried to strike up a conversation with her before walking off.

After a while we went downstairs.  More noise ... more machines ... more noise ... more people ... did I mention more noise?  Pam and I usually spent most of our time upstairs because the noise can be overwhelming ... and being overwhelmed can trigger anxiety issues.

We found a machine we saw on the way in that I just had to play ... Wild Leopard ... I love leopard.  Maybe if I was wearing my leopard print top I may have been luckier on the machine, but I at least broke even.

This machine was on the end of a row.  There was an aisle to my left and another row of machines where Pam and Sedona sat.  As with most casinos the machines are placed back to back allowing me to see the people playing on some of the machines on the opposite side ... allowing me to see that creepy guy walking by ... amd allowing him to see me.

He sat at the corner machine ... right in my line of sight.  I don't know if he actually was, but I felt like he kept glancing at me.

I cashed out and moved to the machine beside Pam.

It was such a wonderful evening.