Sunday, July 7, 2013

This is day 1 ... ... again

Look at the new count down widget on the right ... ...

Yes, here we go again!!

I will keep this post short as I've been rambling rather endlessly over the past couple weeks.

First of all - The invasion is over.  The bigger part of the group packed up and shipped out this morning without incident.  I do enjoy the quiet ... and the relaxation.  I don't dislike my family, there is just a different level of ambient noise and anxiety when everyone is here.

My brother did wind up having a couple of conversations with me and Pam.  Last night he did the obligatory big brother worrying about our mom talk, but to his credit he asked his questions and listened to my replies.  I understand his concern ... I live with my mom and worry about her.  I cannot imagine being several hours away, having a job that makes you travel and not having any direct way to check on her.

This morning was more of a casual conversation.  I found a couple of his references interesting ... almost as if he'd read this blog and was giving me hints using certain phrases.  He wasn't fishing for information ... he wasn't giving advice, condemning  or guiding me ... it was just a chat.  Perhaps a sign of respect ... we'll see.

Today is day 1 of the rest of our lives.  Only time will tell how things work out.

Secondly - I only gained a few pounds over the food-fest known as the 4th of July.  Considering the volume of calories that passed through my system I am surprised I did not gain more.  I am not happy with any weight gain, but as careless as I was with the amount and healthiness of my diet, I am not upset with a few pounds of gain.

Today is day 1 back on my more healthy eating lifestyle.  Only good things will come from this.

Third on the list - Something kind of snapped in me today ... a switch came on ... an epiphany of sorts.  The San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon 2014 is 11 months away!

I want to finish it.

I will finish it.

For the ???, I lost count of the number, I am reviving my training calendar.  It can be adjusted to fit my current fitness level ... it has room for changes, such as cross training if my knees or ankles begin to bother me ... it has been filled out through June 1, 2014 ... the day of the marathon.  It is slowly increasing the exercise load, duration and intensity gradually to prevent injury.

Today is day 1 of the fitness plan.  I am inspired to torture myself once again.

I know I've talked about diet, weight loss, exercise and other goals many times before and have seemingly not followed through.

I cannot dispute this.

However, recently I have managed to do things that I never dreamed I'd be able to do ... I've been moving my life forward ... slowly ... patiently ... but I am moving.  If I can manage to face my biggest fears, take my biggest personal steps and survive, then I can manage to finish a marathon ... a triathlon ... and ironman triathlon.  And I know I can do all this because ...

Today is day 1 ... again.