Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cranking up the juice ...

So yet another post during the time I thought I'd have little to say ... and this one will meander all over the place.

Today did not start off well.  I awoke with a horrible headache, sinus issues and my stomach cramping really bad ... yuck.

I called in sick and went back to bed.

When I woke up (3 hours later) my tummy felt better and my headache had eased up a bit ... my nose was still running like a garden hose.  This really bugged me because I had an appointment for laser hair removal, and a mucus covered lip would probably not help the procedure any.

Luckily an antihistamine and a bit of sinus relief medicine brought the situation under control.

I applied the numbing cream and paced about the house before heading into town ... that's when my stomach started hurting again.


I laid down on the table  and soon the familiar sounds, sensations and smells began.  The tech kept asking if I was comfortable.  I was not sure if she noticed I was squirming a bit from my stomach issues or what ... then it dawned on me.  "Are you using a higher setting?"

"Yes."  She smiled.  "But just a little."

We proceeded to have a wonderful conversation ... family, transition, cosmetics, shoes ... basically it was girl talk.

This week, and even last week has brought an unusual amount of strange events, bizarre incidents and stress.  Yesterday was no exception.  We had a driver who was taking her renewal drive test ... a procedure that happens dozens of times every year in our facility ... a procedure that we've had no issues with until lately.

Every trainee or driver who goes for a drive test has to take a training certificate to prove documentation of receiving the required training hours.

Last week an original trainee was sent to the CHP without his training certificate.  Luckily the CHP allowed him to test and bring the card afterward.  I carefully explained to the people helping in the office that nobody is to go to the CHP with the proper documentation ... This brings us to yesterday.  A driver is at the CHP ready to test.  This is when my phone rings.

"I need my training card."  The driver sounded panicked.  "If I don't have it he will have to reschedule me."

"OK.  Stay there.  I can have it up there before you're done with the paperwork."  I hung up and headed to the dispatch office.  "Where's Veronica's training card?"

"It's here, she left without it," the dispatcher said.

I grabbed it from her and headed out of the office.  I made it to the CHP in 12 minutes ... but the bus was gone.  "Shit ... Shit, crap and fuck."  I continued down the street hoping they had started the test and were in the cul-de-sac ... they were.

I dropped of the training card, but was far too steamed to return to the office ... so I went shopping.

I have gone to women's clothing stores by myself before ... I've even bought a few things when I was by myself, but this was the first time I walked into a women's clothing store carrying a purse and actually perusing the racks of clothes.  The bad part is I know we have no money to spend on clothes ... and I have enough clothes to wear a different outfit every day and not do laundry for about 2 months.

So despite the fact that I found many things that I would love to own, I resisted ... until I got to the shoes.

OMG!!  They had a pair of shoes I just loved ... and it was in my fat foot size!!

After a quick phone consult with Pam (aka begging and pleading) I grabbed the shoes and headed to the counter.

The cashier was very nice, engaged in a bit of chit-chat and then asked for my credit card.

I handed it to her without even thinking.

She stared at the card ... the card with my legal (aka male) name printed on it.  "Ummm ... Can I see your ID please?"

"Sure."  I handed her my driver's license, also with my legal name ... and a picture of me with short hair and a mustache.

The clerk tried to act nonchalant as she checked the picture, checked me and back to the ID.  After a short period she completed the transaction and said, "Have a nice day ... ... ma'am?"

So I'm still waiting to hear from my HR department ... I do not need permission to proceed with my transition, but I would like to make this change as seamless as possible.  The HR department is very busy with many other issues, but I am starting to get a bit impatient.

The next few weeks will bring more fun, I'm sure.