Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's doctor visit ... ...

So I had my follow up visit after my CT scan today.

I was a bit apprehensive because something always seems to be discovered other than what I'm being checked for ... but I needed to be checked.  In fact, prior to the whole "hey, there's a huge mass in your chest" issue they were checking my appendix for possible appendicitis.  One of the issues they discovered was inflamed lymph nodes and I was told it may be lymphoma.

Yeah ... I was nervous.

So I dressed a tad bit more fem for this appointment.  I figured it can't hurt ... the doctor already knows, and the staff already knows I'm being referred to an endocrinologist ... and that I had a hormone panel test.  If the doctor didn't tell his staff, and they have not figured it out, then we will have some fun discussion on a future visit.  They are all so nice.  I would be flabbergasted if anybody there was not supportive and caring.

So Pam and I arrived at the office a bit early and signed in.  We brought our obligatory bribery of peanut butter cookies along with our co-pay.  The office staff loves Pam's cookies ... and we love the staff.  I carried my new little purse, wore one of Pam's tops ... a pair of my favorite earrings ... and my clunky and ugly shoes that I wear to work.

I must find some work appropriate shoes that are a tad more feminine.

After a week of perfect blood pressure at home Anna (the nurse ... and Dr. Mcbreen's wife) took it at the office ... ...

140 / 88 ... shit!!

How freakin' depressing!  Why is it always so high at that office?  The doctor walks in and takes a seat ... the usual chit chat ensues.  Just another day ... an ordinary visit.  He pulled up my file and looked it over.  "Your scan came back normal.  No mass in the chest.  A bit of scar tissue.  All the swelling is gone. And the lymph nodes are all normal."

I felt like I exhaled for the first time in a week.

"Did you make your appointment with the endo?"  A short discussion ensued.  "I have a story to tell you about the good Dr. Chochinov."

"It's not something that's going to scare me is it?"  I giggled.

"No ... This is actually quite funny."  Dr. Mcbreen proceded to tell a story about a Trivial Pursuit game between hime and my soon to be endo.  It turns out that Dr. Chochinov had bought the Canadian version of the game as a joke ... and the game went on for a while before they both finally gave up.

I loved the story ... ... I loved it the first time he told us 4 years ago too, but the fact that he joined in the normal conversation really put me at ease.

Life is normal in my doctor's office despite the impending changes.

"Did you get the blood test results?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Let's see."  He scrolled through the screens on his laptop.  "Your estrogen level is high and your testosterone is low." He gave both numbers and talked a bit about the levels.

So even before HRT my estrogen level is above the normal male range, but it is not quite to the average female range.  My testosterone level is lower than the average male level, but not into the female range.  I find this interesting, but I'm not sure if it is good or bad news for entering HRT ... I'll find out in 35 or so days.