Monday, April 22, 2013

The top ... ...

I decided to not to post the number of days until HRT ...

That's why I added this widget  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --->>>


I had a lot to think about this weekend.  Suddenly it seems like everything is moving very fast no matter how slow I want it to go.  With another (but not final) laser treatment in just over 2 weeks and the impending call from my HR department I feel like I'm at the crest of the biggest hill on the roller coaster and am about to go for a ride ... ... But I love roller coasters.

I decided to not go overly fem when I went into work Saturday despite the fact that Nanette knew about me ... ... but she didn't show up.  She wasn't avoiding me, but was busy doing personal things so we didn't get to talk ... but I did get my work done.

The highlight of Saturday was going with Pam and my niece to see Jurassic Park in 3d.

My niece came out to my wife ... she's gay, but we kind of figured that out a while back.  The problem is she hasn't officially told me ... and I haven't told her about me ... she's sharp enough to figure it out.

I have enough of my beard shadow returning that I really don't feel ladylike, but there were a couple of people ... workers at the theater that called us ladies.  We had the theater to ourselves, literally.  Afterward we came home, enjoyed a glass of hard cider and a little chit-chat.

Sunday was a day of rest ... much needed rest.  Especially since I started the day breaking a nail.

I had chosen a top and pants and hung them in the bathroom.  I was planning on changing after Pam and I prepared the pork for our dinner ... mmmmmm ... Kalua Pork!  The only problem ... 6:00 pm rolled around and the pig wasn't in the slow cooker yet.

So much for dinner.

I did remove my purple nail polish, trim my nails while rescuing what was left of my left index fingernail.  I asked Pam to apply a nice blue that she found in her stash (our stash).  30 shades of pink and a nice blue ... that turned out to be purple ... pretty much the same purple I removed earlier.  But at least it looks nice now.

After a restless, constantly interrupted night of sleep I didn't want to get out of bed.  I'm really tired of being tired every Monday.  Somehow, something needs to change ...

I staggered to the bathroom ... the top and pants were still hanging there.

I stared at the top.

I debated whether I should wear it to work ... and what would happen if I did.

So tempting.

I decided that it was not appropriate work attire ... not the top is inappropriate, but it was not a work shirt ... and definitely much more feminine than anything I've worn to work.  Maybe after HR helps me ... guides me ... after I come out to my coworkers, but not now.

So as I watch the upcoming weeks come toward me much in the way a bug sees a windshield fast approaching I can't help but hold my breath a bit.  I need to keep track on some of my personal goals.

Weight loss for the week ... Acceptable, not spectacular, but I am alright with it.

Exercise for the week ... Well, does shopping count??  Otherwise I really didn't do much.