Saturday, April 13, 2013

So what now?

As I start to type this entry I have 47 days 13 hours and 20 minutes until I see the endocrinologist.

So what now??

Do I blog every day how Impatient I am?  Do I say that there are not noticeable changes because, DUH, I'm not on hrt?  Do I just tell stories that really have no bearing on anything?  Do I talk about what color nail polish I'm wearing or the earrings I bought?

Well ... ...

As I recall, quite a while back I mentioned that I wanted and needed to lose weight and get myself back into running or biking shape ... so ...

I've made a couple of modifications to this page ... A slight title change ... a background to the title ... a description.  I will be adding some report of my "Training" ... I put it in quotes because it is not actually training until I have an even to train for.  I will also be adding a weekly update regarding my weight loss ... no specific numbers, more of a "good loss"-"small loss"-"no loss" type thing.  I am not looking for extreme weight loss.

Starting when I begin hrt I will be adding progress photos ... wearing a t-shirt ... I don't want to gross anyone out ... Both front view and side view.

The journey ... the transition will still be the focus of the blog.  I just want to make this blog about my life ... and my life includes running, bicycling and swimming.  It includes successfully completing a marathon, and an ironman triathlon ... and other challenges that may grab my interest along the way.

Consider this my first update:

Weight loss - Pretty good.  Safe number, and enough to know that it isn't just false low that you can get from home scales.

Training - I've gone out of my way to get in extra walking every day (except today).  It is clearly obvious my cardio is well below what it was just a couple years ago.

I am tentatively looking at the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon 2014 to complete that goal.  It will also be a great way to celebrate 1 year on hrt.