Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It has begun!!

Duh!!  There was not stopping it.  2013 is here.

So I revived my marathon training schedule and revised it to accomplish my more rudimentary goal.  The concept is this simple ... I do my best to accomplish what is scheduled for that day.  As I progress I give a second option for the day so I can choose one or both options.  Saturdays have always been my long distance day and Sundays have always been my rest day.  I am excited to see it with some 2013 information filled in ... despite the fact that I am starting at such a low level.

I do need to remind myself that the goal is health and fitness and not some arbitrary number on a scale.  Yes, I would like to lose weight, but not at the expense of accomplishing my other goals.  To become fit I need to feed the machine ... As my body begins to function better I will g=begin to lose weight.

My wife and I are considering doing Weight Watchers, or something similar.  Even though it sounds like I am contradicting the previous statement, having guidelines to eat in a more healthy manner will expedite my other objectives.

I do not intend to do anything radical ... in fact I plan to eat the foods I enjoy.  I just need to focus on reducing the empty calories.

One of the things that I am thrilled about is simply being able to breathe.  I was not short of breath, nor did I have any symptoms that would make me think I had one lung that was not functioning well ... but in hindsight, many of the issues I had could easily be explained by the tumor.

When I was training for my eventual half marathon in 2010 I found it difficult to run up hills ... like I could not get enough oxygen.  Well with one lung not at full capacity the blood would circulate through for the O2 / CO2 exchange ... but there was no oxygen there, so the blood was not properly oxygenated when my muscles needed it the most.  I expect that as I increase my exercise volume that I will not have the same issues as I had before.

When I had my sleep study done, and after other medical procedures, my O2 saturation level was below normal.  Again, it makes sense ... If I am not having a proper O2 / CO2 exchange then my O2 sat will always be low.  I was staying in the normal ranges on room air without needing to breathe deep to get there.  Using the incentive spirometer forces me to breath deep and slow to fully inflate my lungs.  I can really feel a difference ... literally ... I feel the lung working like it's supposed to.

My wife and I have gotten out and about the last few days.  Nothing exciting, just trying to get up and get moving like the doctor has said.

We went to Home Depot to get a couple things.  I was dressed very similar to the picture on the left.  Unfortunately I needed to use the restroom ... when Lasix kicks in there's no waiting until you get home.  I tried the door for the unisex restroom but it was locked.  I chose to use the men's room as it seemed the more appropriate choice for me.  As I was leaving the restroom a man was getting ready to come in.  He looked flustered and couldn't make eye contact with me.  "Oops, sorry." he said.

I just smiled.

He turned to go into the other restroom.  When he noticed the ladies' room sign on the other door he looked back at me with a completely shocked look on his face.  I just walked away giggling.  I wonder if he told anyone that he saw a lady coming out of the men's room ...

Yesterday we were at Fry's.  Again, it was as much about getting out of the house as it was running the errand.  As my wife and I walked through the store I was called ma'am, miss and other feminine terms.  It made me very happy.  I even enjoyed the fact that we were treated like a couple of helpless women in the big man's electronic store.  As we checked out the cashier said, "You ladies have a nice day."

So 36 hours into 2013 and thusfar it has been a wonderful year.  Let's hope it keeps heading in this direction.