Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learning to appreciate my elders

My wife and I went for an early dinner last night.  While paying to enter the salad bar (part of my commitment to eat more healthy ... of course as I type this I have a small container of candy corn within my reach) ... anyway, we were paying to get in when an elderly man walked back toward the register.  "Excuse me girls, I forgot to grab some napkins."

I grinned.  I love cataracts ;-)

My hair was down and I was wearing a purple zebra striped top, but my 5 o'clock shadow was horribly obvious.

A little later I was in the soup, pasta and bread area ... also know as the gathering for the rude and oblivious, but it wasn't too crowded yesterday.  I was standing back waiting for an employee to wipe the counter ... the kid was trying to clean up somebody's mess and didn't look too happy.  As I waited another older man almost bumped into me.  "Oh .. excuse me miss."

The employee looked at me then at the old man then back to me.  I smiled and winked at the kid ... he hurriedly finished his job and walked off.

Even though I haven't done anything specific or intentional to move toward my goal, I've managed to lose about 5 pounds in the last week ... still way too many to go, but it's a start.  Many of my issues intertwine, but my weight seems to be connected to about all of them.  I do not want to focus on being fat and say it is the root of all evils, but if I could just drop a few pounds I think it would have a positive impact on many things ... even my wardrobe :-)

I had a consult with an electrologist ... she recommends doing laser to thin and eliminate most of the hair the using electrolysis to finish the job.  I like her and trust her ... the fact that she does not offer laser and is not affiliated with the laser center makes me feel better.  I don't have the money right now, but hopefully soon ... I will still call for a consultation with the laser clinic ... just ... well ... I'm a wimp.  I'm afraid it will hurt.

On a totally different note, my manager told me yesterday that she wants to groom me to take her place when she retires in a couple years.  I need to learn the budget and learn better time management and prioritize things and ... and ... and I am honored to even be considered for the spot.  I think it adds a bit of pressure that I will be transitioning to female at the same time I'm preparing for a manager spot.

Here are the feral kitties who have been hanging around the house the past few weeks