Sunday, July 1, 2012

And on different note ...

Not a lot to say today.  Some of this I've mentioned on Facebook ... I'll just give a little more detail here.

Friday - I stay home from work to take care of a few issues, go to a podiatrist appointment and spend an extra day with my wife :-)  My niece decided to tag along for the ride, which was perfectly alright with me ... another girls' day out.

I was wearing a mint green, v-neck top with matching stud earrings.  I shaved in the morning, but I have such dark facial hair the shadow is always visible ... or to put it differently, I don't look feminine :-(

The doctor's appointment was a bit frustrating.  A $40 co-pay to hear him say there isn't anything we can do to stop my foot from hurting, but if I come back in 6 weeks we'll talk about making orthotics which my insurance doesn't cover.

To make the day more stressful, my wife received a text message stating that my brother and three sons were going to camp out in our back yard.


We decided to go to a salad bar place for lunch.  I was stacking the empty trays when an employee walked by and said, "I'll take those ma'am."

Did she call me ma'am?  OK, she didn't see my face too well ... the ponytail threw her off a bit ... it was a fluke

We all went to a department store.  My foot was really starting to hurt so I wasn't in the mood for a lot of shopping, but we were looking for a few specific things.  After we checked out with our 4 or 5 things I was returning the cart to its proper spot.  I heard a voice say, "I'll take that ma'am."  I didn't pay any attention and kept walking.  Now a bit closer I hear the same voice, "I'll take that cart, ma'am."

I stopped and was surprised to see a hand grabbing the cart I was pushing ... but she saw my face and was pretty close to me.  I was baffled ... I don't think I look female, feminine or anything close ... do I?

I was sooo happy.  It really made my day.

Friday night my wife, my niece and I went to see The Avengers.  It was fun ... it was a valid reason to get out of the house after my brother and one nephew arrived.  We have had way too many visitors over too short of a period.  I need a vacation from my family.

Saturday I wake up.  I'm still debating how I should dress and what earrings I should wear.  It didn't take me long to decide to go as fem as I've been (other than a couple Halloween costumes).  Nothing flamboyant ... nothing flowery or frilly ... just a black top with some texture or design and a pair of small dangling earrings.  I added a spray of my wife's body spray for a hint of fragrance.

My brother and nephew glanced, looked away then looked again ... no comments, though it seemed my brother was not horribly happy.

Mission Accomplished.

Really, the only downside to Saturday was my brother and his son wanting to shoot air-soft guns ... I'll keep the 7 page rant to a minimum, but I must give a little background.  My brother's family over the years have broken 2 of our weed whackers, a hedge trimmer and damaged a $400 lawn mower while "helping out."  The help is appreciated, but ... They have damaged many other smaller items while just messing around.  Have we asked them to repay for any of these items?  No, because we understand shit happens.

After my brother damaged my CO2 pellet gun (which we were able to fix), my wife went to look for some targets so they would have something to shoot at.  while doing this she bumped a table causing one of my nephew's friend's guns to fall on the floor and a piece to break off ...  but don't worry ... My brother found one on Amazon that we could buy.

Did I mention that I need a vacation from my family?

In the long run my son, my wife and I went to lunch and had a great time ... sushi ... mmmm.  I can't say "I felt comfortable" wearing what I wore because the truth is I didn't even think about it.  I don't think I got any strange looks, or if I did I didn't notice them.

After lunch my wife and I went shopping.  We went to a less crowded where the staff actually greets you.  As we walked through the door the salesman walked up and asked, "How can I help you ladies?"

I grinned ear to ear.

I don't think the poor guy realized anything until we were right beside him ... then my wife started laughing.  It was really funny to watch the confusion slowly consume his expression.

At the next store I told her that I couldn't believe he made the mistake.  I said, "If the femininity scale were rated from 0 to 10 I'm probably about a 2."

She shook her head and said, "Your higher on that scae than you think.  Especially with dangly earrings."

I was dumbfounded.

Women have this natural elegance ... this simple grace and flow to everything they do.  I sorely lack these attributes.

So, if you've read this far you're probably saying, "How is this different than other posts?"

Well ... It hasn't been.

About a year ago I was in much better shape ... overweight but in shape.  I completed a half marathon.  In the process I overly tweaked my knees ... and this is likely the beginning of my current foot problems.  Since then I cannot seem to be able to work out ... no walking, definitely no running, no spin class or biking.  Everything seems to aggravate my foot and knees.

Over the past year I've gained almost 60 pounds.  This has affected my blood pressure, my depression, my insomnia ... and the list goes on.  I know I must get my weight and health issues under control before I can even consider discussing hormones with my doctor.

I could go swimming, but that would require going to the gym (yes lame excuse).  Swimming is mainly an arm exercise, but I have never been comfortable wearing swimming trunks (and never speedos) in front of other people ... I'm tempted to find a lady's one piece bathing suit, but ... ... I don't think it will fit properly ... and I will feel horribly self conscious.

I am planning on setting up my total gym and working on toning and strengthening what muscle groups I can without hurting my knees and feet.

Maybe every week or two I will update on my weight loss progress.  Being a lady, I will not admit to my actual weight, but I will tell you if I am making progress :-)