Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Proper Introduction

Hi :-)

My name is Tiffanie.  I have a story to tell ... a story that is still being written.

I will warn you up front that some of the topics and issues I will be discussing are very personal ... Not X-rated, likely not even R-rated, but personal.  Some of you will dislike what I am saying, find me disgusting or think I am somehow perverse, disturbed or just generally sick.  That's fine, you don't have to like me, you don't have to accept me or my choices ... But then again you don't have to read this blog either.  I invite constructive criticism and advice, but I am asking nicely that if you find this blog distasteful that you simply refrain from leaving you hate filled comments.

Some of you may stumble across this and wish to follow my story, support me, give advice or your own experiences.  The purpose for this blog is not simply to put myself in a spotlight ... in fact it is just the opposite, I want to avoid the spotlight.  I want to blend in and just live my life.  I am writing this as a way to separate and clarify my own thoughts.  I know self therapy seldom, if ever works, but I have learned from experience that putting my words on paper (even if it's cyber-paper) helps me see things in a different light ... and again, those of you who are following this in a supportive role, you may see something and be able to have some input that will have a positive impact on my life.

Thank you in advance for all comments, supporting me or just simply reading.

So what's the twist to my story??  My name is Tiffanie and I am a girl ... a woman, but my body just doesn't know that.  I am that dude you see in the store, on the streets, at the gym ... your average blend into the background overweight middle aged man.  I walk like a dude, talk like a dude, I'm happily married and hold a steady job as a supervisor to about 100 employees.

No, I am not confused ... I am a woman in a man's body.

Why am I deciding to possibly pursue my gender issues so late in life?  I don't know ... but the desire to resolve this lifelong issue has grown exponentially over the past months and years.  This is, in fact, why I am writing this.  I am not trying to inspire others.  I am not making a statement or being an activist.  I am simply trying to understand my feelings and myself.

If you are choosing to read this far I am assuming that you are a least a little supportive.  The first few entries of my story will be the history of Tiffanie ... her childhood.